How to Work with the Struggle

There is nothing wrong with the feeling of pointlessness — it’s such a human feeling. The difficulty comes when we believe it, and make it mean something.

So my encouragement is to make it mean nothing other than this is just how it feels right now. That’s meaningful to the extent that we can always care about how we feel — I feel sad, lonely, uplifted, curious, playful, angry, crestfallen. They matter, but they’re not the entire world.

Feel the feeling. Give it some compassion. Breathe.

Then find a way to feel more empowered:

  • Missing one or two days is just an expected part of the process of learning and growth.
  • Messiness is a part of life, something beautiful to love and embrace.
  • If no one read a single word of my writing, would there still be something powerful for me in the writing process?
  • If I keep ending up in the same place, is there something for me to look at here, something I could learn from it? Would that make these repeated attempts valuable to me, if I learned something?
  • If I keep failing to finish a course or program … is there an opportunity to shift something that would be powerful for me? What would it be like if I changed this pattern forever?
  • Could I let myself be curious when I’m lost in the unknown?
  • If I’m far behind, could I focus just on the next step?
  • If I have a mountain of tasks, could I love the activity of climbing the mountain? Could I find joy in each step?

What would it be like to find meaning in the place that feels pointless?

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